Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"THE DAYDREAMER" (#1) - Pen and Colored Ink Wash, Colored Pencil, circa 1963-64

"The Daydreamer" (#1), (circa 1963-64) - 10" x 9"

This humorous study from the early 1960's highlights Richard's delight in depicting human anatomy -- specifically the female form. The 'Daydreamer' himself is certainly a representation of Richard, and surrounding the artist are a bevy of beautiful nude women, apparently preoccupying his every waking thought, hence the rapturous smile. The dark physical appearance of the artwork is not merely yellowing from age, but due to the choice to use a dark brown art board as the base.

The details below reveal Richard's adept technique regarding the female nude.

"The Daydreamer" (#1), details

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